Performing a Testicular Self Exam [Dr. Claudia]

By morin


A friend asked me, “What’s a concern that consistently comes up in therapy sessions?” As I thought about it, I realised that over the last few months, as the world began opening up and offices restarted, one concern that has shown up constantly is that of trust.he pandemic seems to have weakened our sense of trust at various levels. As a result, people are feeling more unsafe, guarded and cynical. A 45-year-old female client tells me: “My colleague, whom I used to travel to work with and have lunch with every day, texted me yesterday saying how she missed me and is excited to see me, now that the office is opening up. But the odd thing is that while I tried checking in early into the pandemic, she never reciprocated or stayed in touch. I kind of now can’t trust her. It’s odd but I feel more distant and unsure of most people. I don’t like who I am becoming. Do you think we can work on what it means to rebuild trust and still be hopeful?”

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