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Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packing Tape, Clear, 1.88 in. x 25.6 yd., 1 Tape Roll with Dispenser

Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packing Tape provides excellent holding power for your packaging and shipping needs. This 3.0-mil thick (typical) shipping tape holds strong on all box types, including harder-to-stick 100% recycled boxes, and is guaranteed to stay sealed (1). Designed with industrial-strength, solvent-free adhesive, this tape locks in the heavy-duty contents of your boxes and locks out everything else, even through rough handling conditions. Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packing Tape features instant adhesion and resists slivering, splitting and tearing to keep your moving boxes closed. Whether you're shipping heavy items, moving across the country or packing away seasonal decorations, this adhesive tape is equipped to keep your boxes sealed with just one strip on each seam. Each roll of box tape features a release coating to make unwinding easy and comes in a convenient dispenser that makes application a breeze.
Scotch | US. Written by | Staff. Deal Posted on March 08, 2024 at 03:36 AM

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