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MOSTPLUS 5.5FT Soft Roll up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for 2009-2024 Ford F150 F-150

MOSTPLUS Color Black Vinyl Grain Tonneau Cover The vinyl is kept tight at all times with a patented self-adjusting spring tensioner Clamping system installs in just a few minutes with no drilling into your truck bed Completely assembled in the box - no loose parts. No tools required - patented quick clamp system. Drive with the cover in the open or closed position. Tailgate lock can provide additional security. Sleek appearance improves gas mileage. Safety strap included. This cover can be operated with just one hand and all of the bows roll up with the vinyl for convenient and easy storage.
Mostplus | US. Written by | Staff. Deal Posted on March 03, 2024 at 19:01 PM

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