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Medline Comfortable Folding Wheelchair with Swing-Back, Desk-Length Arms and Elevating Footrests, 20”W x 16”D Seat

Experience the perfect blend of comfort, versatility and durability with this comfortable and adjustable wheelchair for adults. It features swing-back, desk-length arms that make it easier for lateral transfer and to sit at a desk or table, and elevating leg rests for greater comfort. The durable wheelchair frame in a hammertone finish can stand up to rigorous use and the nylon fabric is comfortable and breathable. A premium mobility solution with smooth-rolling, flat-free tires, it’s engineered with care and precision. The wheelchair has a weight capacity of 300 lbs and an 20”W x 16”D seat. Dimensions: 32.5”L x 26.5”W x 36.5”H (assembled)/32.5”L x 11.5”W x 36.5”H (folded).
Medline | US. Written by | Staff. Deal Posted on March 05, 2024 at 05:45 AM

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