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Roborock H6

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Roborock H6

      Roborock H6 test: Bagless cordless vacuum cleaner with lots of accessories

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A vacuum cleaner is a loyal household helper and is used almost every day. Even with a vacuum robot, you can not avoid a handy device. An automatic vacuum cleaner does not reach hard-to-reach or angled places. In today's test report, we present you with the Roborock H6, a battery-operated hand-held vacuum cleaner, which can do this job perfectly. Of course, this model is not only an addition but also a perfect loner as a vacuum cleaner in the household.


A battery-operated hand-held vacuum cleaner is much more compact than a model with a power cable, long suction tube, and a flexible hose. It can be a great relief for households with multiple floors and/or winding surfaces. The wireless technology also allows uncomplicated vacuuming in the garden house, car, or other areas. The main focus of these models is often on suction power and battery life. The test model was of course carefully examined in this regard.

Roborock H6: packaging and first impression

If you order the Roborock H6 vacuum cleaner, you will receive an elongated box. As a print, you can already see a smaller version of the household helper as well as some data and facts. For a vacuum cleaner, the packaging initially appears to be quite slim and compact. This is due to the clever division of the box. There are almost two floors on which the device, including all accessories, is stowed away to save space. In addition to the handpiece and the suction pipe, the scope of delivery includes the following parts:

  • Operation manual
  • Wall bracket including screws and dowels
  • Floor brush: Soft floor bar for powerful and gentle cleaning
  • Carpet brush: With antistatic carbon fiber brush especially for carpets
  • Dust brush: With long bristles to dust flat surfaces
  • Motorized mini brush: pulls the dust out of upholstered furniture
  • Crevice nozzle: Ideal for difficult to access and narrow places
  • Flexible hose: In combination with other nozzles for difficult areas


The first haptic impression of the battery-operated hand-held vacuum cleaner is positive. The housing and accessories are solidly processed. The polycarbonates and ABS plastics used are very light and yet appear robust. It is precisely this fine line that is not easy with a handy, yet everyday device. We are pleasantly surprised by the processing and cannot find any defects here. The design convinces with its simplicity. The colors are limited to dark gray, a silvery tone, and red accents. So the vacuum cleaner looks dynamic and chic.

The cordless vacuum cleaner is easy to hold

The pleasant weight distribution is also noticeable with the first grip of the assembled device. Unlike many other cordless vacuum cleaners, the weight is right in front of your hand. The light motor is the heaviest part and is located directly on the handpiece of the Roborock H6. It can be driven and lifted well. When using such a device regularly, handling is important and, in our opinion, deserves special attention. As a result, we will deal with the handling separately here.


The housing with the motor lies comfortably in the hand. The ergonomically shaped handle should suit every hand size and should be easy to use by various users. There is a kind of "trigger" directly on the handle, this is the switch on the Roborock H6 and can be held down for short strokes. If longer use is foreseeable, you can press the lock button with your thumb without turning your hand. There is the last button on the top of the handpiece, which is used to adjust the suction strength. A clear and clear LED display shows the current mode, the visualized charge level, and the remaining battery power in percent. The input for the charging cable is in the rear part of the handpiece.

Wall bracket for a tidy look

The included wall bracket is chic and practical at the same time. Most vacuum cleaners probably have a fixed parking space in the apartment. With the bracket, however, the Roborock H6 and accessories appear much tidier. The two-part accessories can hold the nozzle and the handpiece of the vacuum at different heights. In our example, we placed both parts directly below one another. The manufacturer also has a stand for the set, so that you don't have to drill holes in the wall. Of course, the cordless vacuum cleaner can also be leaned against a wall and charged with the cable.


All attachments can be attached easily and intuitively. A red button must be pressed and then the matching counterpart pushed. A click makes the correct attachment clear. Replacing the attachments is easy and can also be mastered with one hand. The supplied flexible hose can be placed between each nozzle and makes the Roborock even more accessible for really difficult places. To achieve a more manageable format, the brushes can also be placed directly on the handpiece. So you can perfectly clean upholstery or vacuum the car.

Three modes for the best cleaning result

Three different modes are divided into a longer, but somewhat weaker eco mode, a standard intermediate level, and the maximum suction power. In our test, we mainly used the normal mode and were consistently satisfied with the cleaning results on short-pile carpets and smooth floors. The highest level is recommended for long-pile carpets or for more intensive cleaning. Switching between modes is easy at the push of a button and is visualized on the display.


Cleaning the collecting container is easy. The Roborock H6 is not only cordless but also bagless. The housing can be opened with just one hand. The sucked up dirt can be reached from two sides. One side also exposes the filters so that they can be removed and washed out regularly. All buttons and bolts are always in red to indicate a push or push. That is why the procedure is also intuitive and simple.


The brushes also passed the practical test without exception. If the carpet brush is installed and a carpet is recognized when vacuuming, the suction power is automatically increased. We only know this function from the clever vacuum robots. But the other essays have also proven their worth. The flexible hose has exactly the right median of flexibility and rigidity. For example, vacuuming on cupboards is no problem. For cleaning in the car, we recommend removing the suction pipe. Even without the intermediate piece, the upholstery and carpets can be vacuumed very well and the Roborock H6 is still smooth and agile.

Easy handling due to good weight distribution

The wall bracket has also proven useful. The battery-operated vacuum cleaner can be removed and hung up again with just one hand. The total weight of 1.4 kilograms plays into the cards here for the user. The low weight is also clear when handling because moving the suction cup is easy. This is also due to the intelligent weight distribution because if the weight were on the suction pipe, you would have to apply significantly more force to lift the suction cup. Even with longer vacuuming, the weight is not annoying or remarkably high.


The display has a decent resolution so that all symbols are clearly and clearly recognizable. A small animation even appears during the loading process. We can confirm the manufacturer's value of up to 90 minutes of battery life in Eco mode from our test. On the middle level, the Roborock H6 manages a good 30 minutes and can thus cover around 90 square meters of space with just one battery charge. We found the charging time to be relatively long. It took four to five hours to fully fill the battery. However, this is not a criticism, considering that a vacuum cleaner does not have to charge the battery fully around the clock and that it is also ready for “emergency cleaning” in between.


We only noticed the side angle of the carpet brush as a negative point. Here we would have liked to be able to go even closer into the corners. Even with a lot of swing and skill in the wrist, the turn is relatively large. However, this is our only criticism of the chic cordless vacuum cleaner. The H6 fully convinced us in the practical test. It lies very well in the hand and is easy to maneuver over any floor. The high center of gravity makes sweeping movements possible and, above all, simple. The display has all the necessary information at a glance. The extensive accessories and flawless workmanship consistently justify the price. The essays are all practical and very functional.

Positive conclusion for the bagless vacuum cleaner Roborock H6

We also liked the handling for cleaning the vacuum cleaner. The washable filters and the absence of bags make their contribution to sustainability. The runtimes of the individual modes are good and can keep up with the competition. Finally, we can also rate the suction power as positive. The medium mode is sufficient for regular cleaning of short-pile carpets and smooth floors. Turbo mode draws deep-lying dust from all types of carpets. We see the Roborock H6 as the ultimate addition to the household gadgets and can make an absolute purchase recommendation for the compact hand-held vacuum cleaner. Interested parties can buy the chic Roborock H6 on Amazon.


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