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Best Water Filter Jugs 2022: Buying Guide

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Best Water Filter Jugs 2022: Buying Guide

Drinking good quality water is essential for healthy life. If you drink tap water and it doesn’t taste right it’s alarming. We continue the series on water treatment by talking about the best filter jugs, devices increasingly used in homes to filter drinking water, reducing waste of water and plastic. The problem of water waste and attention to the line and products used in the kitchen has determined the success of filter jugs in recent years. These devices look like normal jugs but have a filter inside that can improve the portability of the water, eliminating those residues that are normally present.

Filter jug: What it is and what it is used for

Let's get to the point: what is a filter jug?

The filter jug looks like a pitcher and therefore has the function of containing water, however its particular feature is the ability to eliminate all elements that are harmful to the body such as limestone. This improves the quality of the water and makes it more pleasant for the body. Their action improves the organoleptic characteristics, as well as effectively purifying the water. Filter jugs are not able to make water that is not drinkable, but rather to avoid introducing into the body all those waste and residues whose accumulations are not positive.

The goal of using the filter jug is first of all to soften the water, then reduce the amount of mineral salts present inside and calcium that gives the water that bitter and ferrous taste that is not exactly pleasant. Secondly, the goal of using this tool is to improve the chemical composition. Nitrates, pesticides and some minerals can be very harmful if present in water. Usually they are below the safety thresholds but if consumed every day they can be harmful in the long term. This is why it is useful to use a tool that filters everything and makes consumption safe even for children and the elderly.

Filter jugs allow you to reduce waste and therefore also save money: by avoiding the daily purchase of plastic water bottles, you avoid wasting this in the environment and burdening waste disposal. In addition, there is an important economic data, once purchased the carafe requires little maintenance, it is only necessary to replace the filter from time to time and therefore the cost is significantly lower than what you have in the day to day for the purchase of packs water. These are cheaper than purifiers, they do not need to be installed but, once purchased, they are assembled and ready for use. Overall, they substantially reduce: heavy metals such as chromium, nickel, lead, aluminum and mercury as well as chlorine and traces of hormones, pesticides and drugs that may be found in the water pipes.

How does a water filter jug work?

Each filter jug works differently, in general the water is inserted into the neck of the jug and here, through the cartridge present, it is filtered. The pollutants are retained in the filter, without being able to compromise the water again. A very simple process that allows you to insert water directly from the tap. However, the models vary in the type of filter, the dimensions and design of the jug, the capacity and also the position of the filtering system which can have different sizes.

The carafe consists of a jug that has a lid and a sort of funnel inside. This is the heart of the whole mechanism, it contains the filter that blocks the impurities. Use is simple, just insert the water from the tap, wait a few minutes and serve. The water, passing through the filter, is purified. The position of the filter may vary from model to model, in some cases it is tubular, in other cases it is placed in a small compartment in the middle of the carafe. Beyond the aesthetic factor, what changes is also the size of the filter and its thickness. The same is made up of various materials that determine its filtering capacity.

When choosing a filter jug, it is always possible to view the specificities: it is in fact clarified whether the model is able to eliminate impurities at 80, 90 or 100% and what types of substances it can retain and which ones escape the filter. Furthermore, the manufacturers always insert specific notes for the materials that make up the filter, clarifying all the functions of the filter, the average filtering duration and the characteristics.

Ranking of the Best best-selling filter jugs

  • Philips - Micro X-Clean Quick-flow 
  • Amazon Basics - Water filter jug
  • Laica convenience kit J9082
  • Aigostar Pure 30LDV
  • BRITA Filter jug for refrigerator water
  • Zerowater Water filter jug

Here are some reviews that will guide you to purchase by knowing the main advantages and disadvantages.

Philips - Micro X-Clean Quick-flow water filter jug

The Philips filter jug ??uses a filter technology called Micro X-clean, its ability lies in retaining impurities, microplastics, chlorine, limestone, heavy metals, PFOA and reduces the presence of substances that alter the taste of water; the filtered water capacity is 2.6 L, one of the most capacious in the category, comparing it to jugs with similar characteristics; the pouring speed of liquids is 0.3 L per minute, to avoid the classic filtering wait, this feature keeps the promise expressed in the wording of a fast-flowing carafe: Philips Micro X-Clean, in fact, is one of the few jugs in which the payment speed is expressly stated.

12 cm long, 26 cm deep and 24.8 cm high, these are the dimensions that allow it to be stored in the fridge door, an extra convenience required by most users and in fact present in most jugs. The duration of the filter falls within the average of almost all the jugs on the market, that is 30 days which corresponds to approximately 100 L of water used; the digital timer positioned on the lid will notify the need for replacement. The booklet does not indicate the possibility of washing the carafe in the dishwasher but, of course, it is always possible to clean it with water only, taking care to remove the filter cartridge and the lid. As for the shapes, the carafe is compact and well balanced, the plastic of the body is transparent with color variation on the lid, the design is linear, simple and clean, the handle is slightly short and a little too close to the body however, the weight of the carafe, 600 g, allows for easy handling.

There are many advantages including a convenient dust-proof nozzle to eliminate the risk of accidental introduction of dust or other; withstands an incoming water temperature of between 5 ° and 38 ° C, an aspect that should not be underestimated for using the carafe also with alternative drinks; it has an excellent quality-price ratio; is covered by a two-year Philips warranty. An important disadvantage lies in the presence in the package of only one replacement filter.

Amazon Basics - Water filter jug

The Amazon Basics carafe has an average water capacity, the volume of filtered water is 1.4 L so it is possible, without any doubt, that the dimensions of the entire structure, 28 × 25.6 × 10.8 cm length, height and depth respectively, allow it to be stored in the refrigerator door. The design is elegant in its simplicity, the plastic is transparent with black details, such as the lid itself, the handle is ergonomic, the handle is thin and widely wide, the weight slightly above average with its 817 g. The filter is not designed to meet particular needs or equipped with specific technologies, however it does its job discreetly by filtering chlorine, limestone and impurities naturally present in tap water.

The Amazon Basics carafe is equipped with an electronic indicator which signals the need to change the filter whose duration is on average 30 days. The lid can be folded down and thus facilitates the filling phase. Included in the package is a replacement cartridge, it should be noted, in this regard, the compatibility of the spare parts with the filters of the same parent company, Amazon Basics but also with BRITA MAXTRA and Aqua Optima Evolve filters without the water being affected by terms of filtering quality and flavor. Advantages worthy of note are: dishwasher safe at a maximum of 50 ° C having the foresight to remove the lid, a competitive price of replacement cartridges also by virtue of compatibility with different cartridges on the market and the composition in resistant plastic and free of BPA potentially harmful to the body. A single but compound disadvantage is the slightly above average price in comparison with jugs with greater filtering capacity, greater volumetric capacity and higher technological performance.

Laica convenience kit J9082

The made in Italy of Laica brand jugs has some excellent characteristics especially regarding the innovative technology of the filter: this, in fact, performs important functions among which it is necessary to point out: the reduction of water hardness, the filtering of most of the heavy metals , the action on chlorine, chemical contaminants, on some chlorinated pesticides and herbicides and trihalomethanes and, moreover, the preservation of useful mineral salts. Laica is therefore part of the best filter jugs which, in addition to absorbing pollutants, select agents that are harmless to the organism at the entrance, safeguarding the presence of beneficial ones, following 5 pre-filtering steps plus the last function of regulating the flow in exit.

The removable electric meter will signal when it is necessary to replace the filter whose duration amounts to the canonical 30 days equivalent to filtering 150 L of water; the dimensions, 28X28X11 cm in length, width and depth, are within the average of most jugs on the market, allowing them to be placed in the refrigerator door. The water capacity contained is 1.2 L, which can be poured into the jug quickly and easily thanks to the quick-fill technology, obviating one of the most frequent requests from users of this product, namely that of having to wait long before. to be able to drink filtered water. The design is very elegant and the shapes are elongated, the handle is particular and practical, the plastic is transparent with the white lid.

The noteworthy advantages are the excellent value for money considering the 3 refill cartridges in the package, the excellent price of the refill cartridges and the ability to wash it in the dishwasher with the lid removed. Few disadvantages including the very different flavor from common waters on the market to which you have to get used to over time and the slightly above average weight with its 1.22 kg.

Aigostar Pure 30LDV

Aigoster Pure 30LDV is the jug with large capacities since, literally, it can contain up to 2 L of filtered water, in this regard the design is not very elegant, the dimensions are generous with length, height and depth respectively of 25X25X28 cm, precisely by virtue of the fact that its shape is powerful and robust, although it weighs only 800 g, the plastic is transparent topped with a lid of a particular shade of blue and equipped with an airtight system to prevent water from escaping during pouring.

The grip is secure with a sinuous handle connected, in the lower part, to the rest of the carafe. In Aigostar Pure there are high technological performances, starting from the presence of an intelligent LCD display that signals the filter situation: the display carries out the task of informing when the filter is on, off or reset after a replacement; the same display indicates the life of the cartridge. The materials that compose it are BPA-free and made from plastics for food use such as ABS + AS.

Here, too, we find the practical and safe dust-proof nozzle to prevent the entry of corpuscles in moments of stillness. The filtering technology deserves a separate mention: the filtering system is composed of four layers: the incoming water passes through a first thin filter screen, proceeds by passing a filtering layer in heat exchange resin after which it passes a layer of kuraray activated carbon Japanese and, before completing the process, passes through a layer of 1 micron high quality PET (polyethylene terephthalate) fabric. The advantages are common: the carafe is dishwasher safe without its lid, has a high filtering technology, the use of other filters with a slightly more competitive price is compatible; contains 3 refill cartridges. The disadvantages are few but substantial: the incoming water cannot exceed 35 ° C so the carafe does not tolerate the presence of hot drinks; due to its size it cannot be contained in the fridge door.

BRITA Filter jug for refrigerator water

We find the classic of filter jugs in the BRITA model MARELLA brand, this model winks at those who prefer water from the fridge: in fact, despite the high volumetric capacities, we are talking about 1.4 L of water, it remains in the standard size, 25,6X10,4X25,8 in length, depth and height, which make it suitable for the doors of most refrigerators. The design is clean and simple with the lid and filter cover available in different colors, some of which are particularly unusual limited editions. It is worth noting the particular attachment of the handle to the base which gives it strength and a good grip with a weight of 890 g. The technology that underlies its MAXTRA + filters called "Perfect fit" guarantees optimal filtering, they must be replaced every 4 weeks, so two days less than replacing the filters of common jugs, will be Brita Memo, the electronic reminder on the lid, as a reminder of the need for replacement.

The lid is foldable and easy to fill with what the manufacturer has baptized as “Smart & Easy” technology. But going to the "heart" of the carafe we find a three-stage beating filter for advanced technology and instant filtration that will make you savor a water that, at the end of the journey, it will have passed through: an ultra-fine mesh that retains the largest particles, ion exchange granules whose function is to block the formation of limestone, soften the water, protect the device itself from wear and filter metals such as lead and copper and, finally, a layer of activated carbon microgranules deriving from the responsible coconut shells pure taste and filtering of further impurities and metals. Numerous advantages such as the ability to wash the jug in the dishwasher without a lid, the ion exchange technology that makes it part of the latest generation jugs, 3 filter cartridges included and a 30-day guarantee with the possibility of reimbursement and assistance. free for spare parts. We find some disadvantages in the incompatibility with other filters on the market, in the high price of the original refill cartridges and in the "price" to pay for such an effective technology or a persistent smell of chlorine.

Zerowater Water filter jug

Compact size and a simple design but average capacity for the Zerowater jug; a volume of 1.4 L, the equivalent of 6 glasses of water, for a carafe that has its strong point in filtering. The dimensions, 29.2X14.6X26 cm of, respectively, length, depth and height, allow it to be cooled in the fridge, which can then be positioned in the door. The peculiarity is in the colored plastic, still transparent but blue. Ergonomic handle slightly close to the jug body but above average weight with 1.20 kg. This is the most expensive carafe among those analyzed so far, made with BPA-free plastic materials, it is sold with a water quality meter that signals the need for replacement when a value greater than 006 ppm (parts per million) is reached. As we said, the technology of the ZeroWater filters deserves greater attention, which proceed with a filtering consisting of 5 phases: in addition to the classic activated carbon filtering system that absorbs most of the pollutants, the ion exchange filtering reduces contaminating particles while safeguarding the presence of minerals that are positive for the organism.

The NSF (organization for public health and safety) certified Zerowater filter removes 99.6% of the total dissolved solids in tap water by eliminating lead and other heavy metals. The only noteworthy advantage is the two-system filtering technology; among the disadvantages we point out the above average cost among jugs of the same capacity and the high cost of replacement filters. The features listed so far aim to give you all the information you need to choose a filter jug that meets your needs in order to achieve the right compromise between price, features and functionality.

How to choose the best water filter jug

Type of filter

The main feature that distinguishes the jugs is the type of filter. There are two filter systems: Activated carbon filter; Filter with ion exchange resins. In the first type, the purifying action is given by the use of coals, these absorb pollutants. However, inorganic substances also end up in the filtering process which are not harmful but actually good for the body. This results in a selection that is not meticulous and precise and also takes minerals that must be taken instead. 

The activated carbon filter is not actually able to actively modify the inorganic component of the water but merely retains part of the elements, affecting both the harmful and the good ones. To improve the functionality it is possible to insert ions, so as to attract minerals. Coals can also release some metals such as silver and cause bacteria to multiply on the filter if cleaning is not thorough. Filters with ion exchange resins have a special resin that exchanges harmful substances with harmless agents. This type is therefore particular and able to carefully filter the material. In turn, this filter is divided into three subtypes: cation exchange which allows only positive ions to be exchanged, anion exchange which acts only on negatives and mixed ones which act on both. These filters are suitable for all types of substances, companies are still required to indicate on the product which substances the filter is able to modify and which not.

Dimensions and capacity in Liters

Another aspect of great importance in choosing the filter jug is the size and therefore the effective capacity of the jug. There are one liter, two, three up to five. The most used are 1.5 liters and 2 liters which are good for 2 or 3 people on average and therefore contain the estimated average water consumption. The carafe is practical because it allows you to serve water directly at the table or to keep the jug in the fridge to use when needed. However, the action of the filter jug is not unlimited, when the water is placed inside it must be consumed within the following 24 hours because otherwise bacteria could proliferate since there is no pressurization process like normal water bottles. sold commercially sealed.

Aesthetic aspect

The filter jugs have very different designs, beyond the size which is a key element especially if you want to use the jug at the table or otherwise place it in the fridge, it is also possible to evaluate the size, whether to buy it with or without a handle. There are a number of aesthetic profile options that make them more elegant or colorful as needed. A useful evaluation is to buy a clear carafe so that the contents are always visible. Filter jugs can be made of glass, plastic or stainless steel. The cheapest are in plastic, the glass is certainly more elegant while the steel ones are more versatile. Plastic is the best-selling material, it certainly allows you to obtain a perfectly functional instrument, pleasing to the eye and within everyone's reach.

Extra features

Depending on the model it is possible to have additional options, the filter jugs are in fact equipped with some very useful mechanisms. Even the cheapest models boast a small display, this makes it easier to use as this communicates both when it is time to replace the filter and its remaining usefulness. 

The more advanced models then also refer when it is time to do maintenance to other specific characteristics such as the degree of purification carried out. The more complex the filtering system, the greater the control you can have on the filter jug directly from the small display. Among the interesting extras for filter jugs are cleaning kits which are product specific and very useful in the maintenance of the jug. These are used to easily replace the filter and to carry out progressive cleaning to prevent the formation of bacteria or other inside.

Maintenance of the filter jug

The maintenance of the filter jug is essential to preserve its functionality and filtering characteristics. Changing the filters is not optional and should not be postponed for two reasons: both because the filter that does not work does not actually do its job and therefore you risk consuming the tap water exactly as it was collected and and because failure to replace the filter and poor maintenance in general determine the advancement of fungi and bacteria inside the jug which can also be very dangerous if ingested. 

In systems with displays, sometimes even inexpensive ones, it is always indicated when the filter is about to run out and it is necessary to replace it. In the sales packages there are always additional filters, however easy to find. When the filter is finished it must be disassembled, cleaned by carefully washing the whole jug with a non-aggressive product and without scratching it with the sponge. Dry everything thoroughly and then insert the new filter inside. At this point, insert the water from the tap to obtain the final result. 

Specifically, each retailer will provide a series of scrupulous steps to follow for the safe removal of the filter and the insertion of the new one, also specifying more or less the waiting times between one use and another and between one replacement and another. Some jugs are dishwasher safe, while others must be washed strictly by hand. The more delicate or cheaper ones will be washed separately, for those with display it is always necessary to remove the lid before being able to put them in the dishwasher with the other objects.

Conclusions and final considerations

The filter jugs that have long been debated over the years are a valid ally not only for obtaining better quality water but also for reducing waste and avoiding unnecessary accumulations of plastic. They have a multiple function and are special because they are very easy to use, low costs and simple management methods make them ideal for every family. Considering the overall elements, it should be noted that each carafe is on its own, with specific characteristics and peculiarities that can more or less be useful according to your needs.

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