Holzkern Watch Review

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Holzkern Watch Review

Holzkern | Wooden Watches

Anyone who has been on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter in the past few weeks has definitely noticed the advertising of the company Holzkern. The company is advertising to build watches from sustainable raw material wood. But what are wooden clocks good for and are their quality just as good as a "normal" clock? We have taken the test and will explain it to you.

Friday afternoon, 4:11 p.m. - I finally have a package in my mailbox! Package content? The “Route 66” watch from the Holzkern company. But it is not the sight, but the feeling that amazes me when I try to put the watch around my wrist. It's really made of wood! I was well aware that the company is committed to sustainability, but the fact that the entire case of the watch is made of real wood is somewhat irritating at first.


What is wood core?

But everything in turn: Holzkern is a startup that was founded in 2015 to ensure the sustainability of products in the area of ??accessories as well. According to the website, each watch is unique due to the resources of wood and stone. What is interesting, in my opinion, is the fact that everyone can find a watch they like at Holzkern. Because in the context of small series there is an almost endless range of collections. What is special about this, however, is that Holzkeren only produces small series in contrast to "conventional" watchmakers. This means that the collections are only available to a limited extent, thus increasing the individuality of customers to a certain extent. Because, admittedly, it is somehow nothing special if everyone has a Daniel Wellington watch. A Holzkern watch, on the other hand, is combined with the unique design and the fact that the watch is made of wood - something special!

And the watch is really made of wood?

Yes! There are also differences between the models (more on that later). Holzkern himself writes the following on her website: “Since the beginning of human history, the forest and its raw materials have been used as a natural resource. Over time, however, as part of our cultural heritage, it increasingly developed into a place of rest and relaxation. Our […] sporty wooden watches tie in with the restful components of the forest and provide an incentive for the ideal way to clear your head from everyday stress ... ”. By the way, Holzkern also wants to represent a symbolic character through the unusual design to enable a more conscious and mindful experience of time (e.g. with friends, in nature, or things that bring joy). The philosophy combined with the wood aspect makes the brand something outstanding in the accessory scene.

What makes "your" watch so special?

From Holzkern I own “Route 66”, named after the American highway, which for many people is THE symbol of freedom and adventure. The housing is made of black sandalwood, a type of wood that is mainly found in Northern Europe and impresses with its good workmanship. The case is the perfect combination of something subtle paired with something extraordinary. However, as already mentioned above, the entire clock is not made of wood. In other models, the bracelet is even made from my new favorite raw material. The "Route 66" is a simple but high-quality leather bracelet. For professionals, however, not only a high-quality case and a well-made bracelet count but also a precisely functioning clockwork. The "Route 66" is equipped with a quartz movement from the Seiko company and runs to the second.

And what does a watch cost?

Admittedly, at EUR 189, Route 66 is not a bargain, but it is not an enormous amount for such a well-made watch. It should be noted that you are buying a really high-quality product that is also sustainable. And in terms of design, the watch is really an eye-catcher: If you have a wooden core on your arm, you can be sure that you will be addressed at least once with "Is the watch really made of wood?!"


Above all, I am completely convinced of the watch, but much more of the Holzkern brand itself. The combination of exclusivity, combined with outstanding design at a tolerable price, is something unique in my opinion. However, the sustainability aspect of the products should also not be neglected. I think the idea of ??producing accessories from sustainable raw materials is fantastic and recommendable to copy.

Did I get you excited about Holzkern? If so, here is the link to Holzkern Coupons & Discounts Offers

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