House LTP

By Aleko


Induction of LTP and LTD at retinotectal synapses. (A) LTP induced by TBS. (Upper) Data from an example experiment. Changes of the EPSC amplitude in a tectal neuron (V c 65 mV) before and after five episodes (with 5-s intervals) of TBS, each consisting of 10 trains (spaced by 200 ms) of five pulses at 100 Hz. Dotted line is the mean value before TBS. Traces above show EPSCs at the time marked by the arrow. (Scales: 50 pA, 20 ms.) (Lower) Summary of data from all experiments. Filled circles indicate experiments similar to that shown above. Open circles indicate experiments with AP5 (50 M) in the bath. Data points were normalized by the mean value before TBS and laterally displaced for clarity. (B) LTD induced by LFS. Data from an example experiment (Upper) and summary of all experiments (Lower) show changes in the EPSC amplitude before and after 15 min LFS (1 Hz). (Scales: 25 pA, 20 ms.)

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