Ubi Caritas Sung by Connie Dover

By Luke Texter


Beautiful Celtic Song

Here is a List of Most Beautiful Celtic Songs - Vol. 1

1. Miursheen Durkin by Darren Connely 

2. American Awake ( The Nova Socita Set ) by Trevor O'Toole & Friends

3. Foggy Dew by Galvin MaCabe

4. Gentleman Soldier by Hogan McGillen 

5. Jack Dowson's Luck ( Medley ) by Trevor O'Toole & Friends

6. Kerry Polka by Quinn McElroy & Friends 

7. Manchester Hornpipe by Melvin McDonnell & Friends 

8. Seven Drunken Nights by Darren Connely 

9. New Rigged Ship by Trevor O'Toole & Friends

10. Riverdance by Shaine Campbell & Friends

11. Roscarbury by Quinn McElroy & Friends 

12. Songs of The North by Melvin McDonnell & Friends

13. Darling Girl From Clare by Galvin MaCabe

14. An Irish Party in Third Class (Medley) by Patrick McRyan & Friends

15. Forty Shades of Green by Hogan McGillen

16. Beggarman by Patrick McRyan

17. Black Velvet Band by Graig McGuire 

18. Maids When You're Young Never Wed by Darren Connelly 

19. When Irish Eyes Are Sunling by Hogan McGillen


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