Sweets Falls

By jeami


The last of the Upper Gauley ‘s Big Five Class V Rapids, Sweet’s Falls is located about ten miles below the dam. The fourteen foot falls were named after John Sweet for his first descent of them in 1968. The broken ledge system that forms this powerful rapid provides some options regarding different lines and also numerous hazards.

The main entrance is on the right side just off of the shore where you will punch through a couple of foamy waves. From there, the current quickly carries you toward the horizon line. Stay away from the shelfy right bank. It is undercut from the entrance of the rapid all the way to the edge of the falls, and the water that washes over the right channel pours onto jagged rocks and sieves through the massive boulders at the bottom. Upon approaching the falls, you will first want to notice the rooster tail spouting mist on the left side of the drop at the bottom of the crease in the horizon line.

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