Don't Bother to Knock

By Jorge


At the McKinley Hotel in New York, lounge singer Lyn Lesley (Anne Bancroft, in her first feature role) waits for a man from Chicago, though he’s unlikely to arrive, considering that they didn’t part on the best of terms. As it turns out, that man, airplane pilot Jed Towers (Richard Widmark), is upstairs, contemplating confronting his former lover. Meanwhile, elevator jockey Eddie Forbes (Elisha Cook Jr.) sends for his niece, Nell (Marilyn Monroe), to watch little Bunny Jones (Donna Corcoran), whose parents need to attend an awards ceremony at the ballroom downstairs. Nell has no experience with children, but the hotel has plenty of kids in need of a babysitter, which means that if things go well, the Forbes might have a regular paying gig on the side.

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