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Dyson air purifier that fulfills all the functions of a fan. However, the Dyson Pure Cool is a lot more than that. The design and the functions live up to the philosophy of Dyson. You can read why the high-priced fan with filter function is interesting.

We certainly don't need to explain the English company Dyson in more detail. The globally active group is especially famous for their vacuum cleaners. In terms of design, each product stands out from comparable competitors. Dyson values minimalism and longevity. The company invests a lot of money in research and development every year. As a result, Dyson has managed to be the market leader with certain innovative technologies several times.


Today we are testing a product from Dyson's air purifier division, the Pure Cool in the white / golden color variant. The fan is delivered in a really big box. On the outside, in addition to some information and technical data, the selected color of the air purifier can already be seen. We have the golden model, currently Dyson offers the Pure Cool in a white / silver color variant.

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If you open the box, many individually packaged parts come towards you. Unfortunately, Dyson relies on many plastic bags here, which could be avoided in the future. The individual parts of the air cleaner are securely wrapped in it. In addition to the actual Dyson Pure Cool, the buyer will only find the right power supply, operating instructions, the corresponding remote control and the individual filters and covers. The scope of delivery is similarly minimalistic as the design. The color of the remote control should be mentioned positively, because it is designed in the same style as the colored lower part of the air purifier.

The materials chosen are typical of Dyson: robust plastic with a high-gloss finish. Metal would certainly make the device appear more valuable in some places, but the plastic used by Dyson is extremely durable and robust. We have been using a hand-held vacuum cleaner from the British cult brand for several years, which is used several times a week and yet has no malfunctions. The design of the Pure Cool is minimalistic and yet sensational. No matter where the air purifier is placed in your own four walls, as soon as you have guests, they ask about the futuristic object. We will explain to you that the chosen optic is still functional.

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The first commissioning went faster than expected. All that is required is to plug the semicircular filters together and press them onto the lower part of the air cleaner. After they snap into place, they sit firmly and wobble-free. Then the Dyson fan has to be supplied with power; the enclosed power supply unit is plugged into the back of the device. The Pure Cool can now be controlled by remote control, via app or via the integrated button. The remote control draws its power from the button cell already inserted.

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Contrary to popular belief, it is not enough to air the apartment or individual rooms from time to time. Germs and veritable bacteria are often hidden in places or pieces of furniture that you would not believe. The air is often polluted by carpets, cooking meals, cleaning agents and scented candles, as well as by pollen and mold. This can lead to serious illnesses, poor sleep, sluggishness, nasal congestion and many other restrictions. Bacteria and germs contribute to an increased concentration of benzene, formaldehyde, VOCs, nitrogen oxide and various PM particles (0.1-10). Formaldehyde, for example, is not infrequent from furniture or similar objects in home furnishings and can be carcinogenic.

According to Dyson, the Dyson Pure Cool filters 99.95 percent of precisely these pollutants from the air. The display on the front shows this filtering live. Similar to a heart monitor, a count shows in real time whether the air drawn in contains pollutants and germs.

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The filtering is always carried out as soon as the device is switched on. The respective air flow direction can be adjusted using the remote control or the app. When it is warm and summery, the Dyson Pure Cool can circulate up to 290 liters of air per second. If you want, you can rotate the device at different angles and up to 350 degrees. This makes the air purifier a perfect fan for summer time. On the other hand, if you want to do something against the germy and dry heating air in winter, you can change the ventilation direction at the push of a button and the Dyson takes the air backwards without you even noticing.

Overall, the device has 10 different ventilation levels; Up to position 4 you can work next to the device without any problems. So the noise level is definitely limited. If the air purifier is positioned in the bedroom, night mode ensures that the air is slowly and quietly circulated. With the info button on the remote control, all current air pollutant values ??can be displayed. In addition, the device measures the room temperature, humidity and shows the next filter change.

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The associated Dyson Link app, which unites all Dyson products, can be quickly connected to the Pure Cool via Bluetooth. Then all relevant data on pollutants, filters and conditions of the respective room can be viewed. Special timers can also be programmed and the entire air purifier can be controlled via WLAN. Future updates of the multi-function fan will also be imported via the app.


The Dyson Pure Cool comes with no frills, but with the most important functions such as an app connection or Siri and Alexa support. The overall conclusion is that the device convinced us. The setup and the operation are very simple. The app is properly programmed and works without errors. It is also fun to use. The air cleaner itself works reliably and quietly. The rotating fan function does the rest, especially in warm summer months. The Dyson Pure Cool is currently priced at just under 640 euros. If you are looking for a slightly smaller, cheaper model for the office, you should take a look at the Dyson Pure Cool Me. For everyone else, the Pure Cool offers top performance, albeit at a high price.

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